Ending Destitution Through Education

According to the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report and the Education Commission’s Learning Generation Report education can end destitution. In poor countries, education can lift 171 million people out of extreme poverty. Learning improvements can cut absolute poverty by 30 percent. According to the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report education increases earnings by 10 percent for every additional year of schooling. For lower-middle income countries, this means that every $1 invested in education will generate $5.

The development of education has other benefits. Studies have shown that educated mothers have fewer children, and these children tend to be healthier. More educated mothers also provide better nutrition and health care. A study by the UNESCO shows that if all women in developing countries completed primary education, 12 million fewer children would suffer from stunting or malnutrition. Secondary education, in turn, helps build a better community.see more here country boys

It is estimated that if all adults completed secondary education, 171 million people would be able to escape extreme poverty. Moreover, secondary education would cut the global poverty rate in half. That is why education is one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. For this reason, more countries are promoting education. The benefits of education are numerous. It will not only help end destitution but will also improve health and social conditions, reduce disease transmission, and boost local economies.see more here filmy4Web xyz

Developing countries lack adequate public schools for children. Poor families are forced to send their children to private schools to avoid the costs. Even though there are low-fee private schools, these schools are still out of reach for many poor families. Despite the benefits of education, poor families risk becoming destitute in their quest for better lives for their children. So, why don’t we do everything we can to end this?Plz visit here for information about Olive Oil

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