How to Use a Door Screen Magnet in Your Home

Having a magnetic screen door in your home is so simple and convenient, you might even forget it’s there at all. With a traditional screen door, you’re forced to push open the door each time you pass through. But a door screen magnet is hands-free, giving you the freedom to enter and exit at will without the inconvenience of reaching for a handle or making sure it closes all the way.

Are Your Hands Full? No Problem!

Magnetic door screens are perfect for people on the go. The two sides of the mesh door are lined with magnets in the center where they meet, so as soon as someone passes through, the magnets reconnect and the door is automatically shut. They’re ideal for a person who is carrying groceries, boxes, a baby, or anything you’re not easily able to stop and put down so you can open a door.

Is it Good for Kids?

Kids aren’t known to be gentle on anything in a house and a magnetic screen door is no exception. Your little ones are high-traffic users and always on the go. Running, playing, and constantly going inside and outside. Magnetic screen doors are made of heavy-duty polyester mesh, so they can handle the stresses kids will put on it, like blasting through it at full speed or even riding through it on a bicycle.

What About Pets?

Magnetic door screens are so simple to use, even your pets will appreciate it. A gentle nudge is all it takes to separate the magnetic hold of the two sides, so dogs and cats can come and go freely. No more having to listen to your dog whine by the door to go out. Now they can head outside on their own without you having to get up and open the door for them, wait for them to complete their business, and then let them back inside. It saves you time and inconvenience.

Do Door Screen Magnets Protect Against Bugs?

They certainly do. How many times have you accidentally let bugs in the house when you entered or exited a traditional screen door? A magnetic screen door works so fast, it’s already starting to close while you’re still passing through it, cutting down on the opportunity for pests to get in. Now you can leave your door open to enjoy the fresh air and sun without worrying about who’s getting through and causing a nuisance.

They’re like magic!

Magnetic screen doors are so sleek and work so seamlessly, you’ll be amazed. The annoying sounds of old-fashioned screen doors clanging shut are a thing of the past. Magnetic screen doors work silently, keeping you relaxed as you head out to enjoy the patio, deck, or yard. They’re made of fine polyester mesh, which gives you all the protection of a screen, but still allows you to see through it easily, so you can keep an eye on what’s happening outside.

How Do They Handle the Weather?

Screen door magnets are durable and reinforced, so they’re capable of withstanding the elements. The polyester mesh is unaffected by sun, rain, or snow and will continue to work all year round so you can feel good knowing your purchase will last.

How Difficult Are They to Install?

Not difficult at all. The screen doors come with a roll of Velcro tape that you measure, cut, and apply to the sides of your doorway. Then you line up your magnetic door screen, press the Velcro together, make sure it’s secure, and that’s it! Your hands-free door screen is installed! They also come with a package of thumb tacks if you want extra hold for the sides of your screen.

Where Else Can I Use a Magnetic Door Screen?

They’re perfect for the home, but they also work on any door you go in and out of frequently and want protected from the elements. Do you spend a lot of time in your garage? Try one on the side door. Do you own a recreational vehicle? Magnetic door screens are perfect for families on the go who want protection from bugs while camping. With a magnetic door screen installed on the door of your RV, you can go in and out freely and keep out pests while still enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.

Open the Door To A World of Possibilities

A magnetic screen door installed in your home gives freedom to everyone there. Your family, your guests, even your pets will appreciate the convenience of not having to open and close an unwieldy screen door each time they want to go in or come out. You can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected from bugs while still getting to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

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