Some of the controversial moments on the cricket field

Cricket is a game that did have its own share of ups and downs. A lot of us would term it as a gentleman’s game, but the modern-day generation may not figure out that this is no longer the case. The players are known to play the game with maturity and a degree of discipline. But during the game of cricket emotions take the better of players, and they tend to become aggressive on the field. Some of the incidents of cricket fight on ground have turned out to be aggressive.

An incident came to light when the India U 19 team played U 19 Bangladesh cricket team. After the game, the Bangladesh cricket team danced around the Indian dressing room and they went overboard over with their celebrations. This was something that the Indian players did not like, and they went on to lose their control. All the players, along with the staff had to interfere in time, and it went on to become a major headline the next day. It was one of the most shameful incidents in the history of cricket. Below are some of the incidents that turned out to be ugly on the cricket field.

Mitchell Johnson Vs Virat Kohli

This happened during the course of a test match between India and Australia. India was at their top game and they were performing really well. Johnson went on to throw the ball, and Virat got hit on the body that was not according to his liking. At the next ball, Kohli went on to smack Johnson for a boundary and hard for some harsh words towards the bowler. Virat went on to state that he is not going to have respect for a player who does not respect him.

Kieran Pollard Vs Mitchell Starc

An incident happened in IPL 2014 when the bowlers went on to irritate the batsman with his actions. Since Pollard was not able to play his bowling, he went a further 2 to 3 steps and left his crease before the bowler was about to bowl. Starc did not like the actions and went on to throw the ball to Pollard. The batsman went on to lose his cool and threw his bat at Starc, but he was lucky that it did not hit him. Both of them had to pay 40 and 50 % fines after the completion of the game.

Dennis Lillie vs Javed Miandad

This was one of the ugly incidents in the game of cricket. One point to consider is that this was during the times when there were no sanctions and players could get off with anything. Both the players lost their temper and what followed was an ugly fight at both ends. The umpires, along with the other players were involved in the spat to cool off things. Eventually, the match resumed, but still, it is one of the most prominent fights in the history of the game.

Shoaib Malik Vs Tino Best

During the course of a CPL match in 2014, a physical altercation took place between both these players. The incident was sparked off when the batsmen went on to hit a couple of fours in the last two balls of the thirteenth over. Then Tino Best went on to bowl Malik with a peach of a delivery, and both of them had a few words to say to each other. Some aggressive words were said to each other, and physical contact was the norm. Both the players were fined 50 % at the end of the game.

Marlon Samuels vs Shane Warne

It all started when Samuels stopped David Hussey as he was about to take a second run. Shane Warne did not like this thing and he went on to say a few words to Marlon and grabbed him by the collar. Then during the last over, Marlon Samuels had an ugly altercation with Shane Warne. Samuels did not like these things, and he went on to throw his bat on the ground. Both the players had to pay hefty fines after the conclusion of the game.

Mitchell Johnson Vs Brad Haddin vs Suleiman Benn

In the Perth ground, it was a game between Australia and West Indies. The incident sparked off when Benn dived to stop a ball and all of a sudden, he bumped into the non-striker Johnson. Haddin, too joined in the party, and in the next over, when he was about to take a run, Benn threw a ball at him. According to Haddin, there was no reason to throw the ball and he threw his bat at Benn. At the end of the over both, the players went on to become aggressive and started to hurl abuses at each other.

Gautam Gambhir Vs Shahid Afridi

An extension of the India Vs Pakistan rivalry and the players from both sides were involved. When Gambhir was in his crease, he hit the ball towards third man and wanted a single, and he bumped into Afridi. Then both the players started fighting and became aggressive. The umpires had to intervene and calm down things.

Shoaib Akhtar vs Harbhajan Singh

It was an incident that did take place during the course of an India vs Pakistan game. The speedster was sledging the Indian spinner to play shots off his bowling. But he did not like his words, and an argument went on to emerge between both the players. Then he went on to hit a six and punched a few words to the Pakistani bowler.

Inzamam – Ul- Haq and the crowd

This was the first incident involving a modern-day cricket player and the crowd. The event happened during the course of a one-day game between India and Pakistan at Toronto, where someone shouted at the Pakistani batsman and mentioned the word Aloo. The player did not like this and he went on to the stands with a cricket bat.

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