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Tiger Dragon Game is an Indian casino game that has its origins in Cambodia and is somewhat reminiscent of Baccarat. A simpler game and a high winning percentage have made this game much loved among the online gambling community. The object of the game would be to guess the winner of a dragon, a tiger, or a draw.


Dragon Tiger game is, first of all, distinguished by its interactive and full immersive casino atmosphere. On the monitor, the player will be able to see a live Casino Hall, his gaming tables, and a dealer, who escorts the entire gaming process. The display also shows information about betting limits, winnings statistics, a button to adjust the quality of the display, as well as links to the detailed game rules. Running Dragon Tiger, the player is in front of one of the casino desks. The girl picker invites the participants to place their bets.

Rules of the game 

The game rules are easy. The game uses a single deck of 52 cards. The smallest of them – ace, the eldest – the King. The gambler can bet on the Dragon, Tiger, and Tie cards. After bets are made, the Dealer deals a card each to The Dragon and The Tiger. The winning card or draw is decided depending on the value of the chosen cards. According to the result, the winning of the contestants is counted. In the case of winning the bets on the Dragon and the Tiger are paid 1:1. Bets on the draw are payable 8:1. If a draw falls when a bet on the Dragon or Tiger, the players lose half of their own money. After updating the balances, the players are allowed a few moments to make new bets.


Players may use any known strategies to boost their odds of winning. For example, some players resort to a deck card count to identify the highest or lowest card in the pack. Counting enables a player to improve his odds of winning but does not ensure that he will prevail. It can also be helpful for a player to tracksuits, which may be very useful when wagering on suits. As for counting, players must remember that the game has only eight decks, which will be reshuffled after the fourth hand is used.

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The strategy part requires that players play by the book. First, the aces are the youngest card. Second, regardless of how a player bets, a draw will always put the casino in a win over the players. It is worth noting that a casino would have no advantage over the players if it did not withdraw money from them if the draw bet had been placed. Placement of a draw wager from time to time can itself be a tricky strategy. Players also are encouraged to place extra bets in addition to their primary bets. Knowing all the available bets is the key to enjoying this fast-paced game of chance.


The game has Wild, the golden tiger’s goal, and Scatter, the game logo. The Wild can substitute for spaces in the basic picture combination. He appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. A Scatter of the three random items triggers free spins. The more Scatter appears at the end of the spins on the pitch, the number of free spins triggered: from 8 to 20. During a bonus round, the free spins can be prolonged if the Scatter takes up 2 or more positions. In this event, it activates between 5 and 20 extra runs of reels.

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