What are the 3 Most Beautiful Betta Fish?

Bettas are beautiful and unique fish that are commonly recognized for their brilliant colors and “fighting” behavior. The wide variety of betta species has also led to an increased opportunity for selective breeding, which has produced even more beautiful and eye-catching varieties. However, it isn’t always easy to pick out the three most beautiful betta fish. There are many different types of betta fish, ranging in appearance and behavior. Some have a more unique or mature look while others remain small enough to enjoy as a pet rather than a research specimen. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most beautiful betta fish examples.

Betta Fish Varieties

The first step in our quest to identify the three most beautiful betta fish is to put them into some kind of order. Instead of trying to find the “best” betta, we’ll instead identify the most common, noteworthy betta species. This will allow us to make a better-informed choice when we are ready to purchase a betta fish. The most common betta species include:

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– Betta splendens – The Siamese Fighting Fish. This is the most common betta species and is widely kept as a pet fish. It is native to a region that includes Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and some areas of southern China.

– Betta embellish – The Delta Fighting Fish. This species is also commonly kept as a pet, but it is not quite as popular as the Siamese Fighting Fish. It is native to a small region of Southern Thailand near the border of Cambodia.

Super Betta

Super Betta – Super Betta is another common species of Betta, but it is a sturdier and more robust fish than Betta splendens. This betta fish variety has a more muted coloration but has been bred to have a larger body, making it a super beautiful betta fish. Super Betta fish are very common in pet shops, and they are easy to care for.

While they are a beautiful betta fish variety, they are also one of the more expensive options. Super Betta fish are commonly kept in a one-gallon tank, although they can be kept in a tank as small as 10 ounces of water. Super Betta fish is also a great fish for children to learn to care for, as they are very hardy and easy to keep.

Celestial Betta

Celestial Betta – Celestial Betta fish are one of the more unique species of Betta. They have a much more mature appearance than many of the other betta fish varieties, but they are stunning fish. Celestial Bettas are also much larger fish than most bettas, making them a better choice for a research specimen than a pet. Celestial Bettas are also called Siamese Fighting Fish, and they are a very old species.

This makes them a beautiful, but not very common, fish. Celestial Betta are hardy fish and can be kept in a wide variety of water conditions, making them great fish for a science project. Celestial Bettas are very large fish, so they do require a very large aquarium. They also make a better research specimen than pets because they don’t have bright and energetic colors like many other betta fish varieties.

Marbled Betta

Marbled Betta – Marbled Betta are stunning fish that have an almost prehistoric look to them. They are very strong and sturdy fish, making them excellent specimens for a science project. Marbled Betta is a rare species, which makes them even more attractive as a specimen. They are also one of the larger betta fish varieties, making them a poor choice for a pet. Marbled Betta is a very hardy fish, making them a great choice for a science project. They are also very interesting fish to observe and make a great addition to any fish collection.


Bettas make for beautiful and interesting fish, and each species has a unique color and look. Some are better for a pet, while others make better research specimens, but all of the most beautiful betta fish make for a stunning addition to any home. The three betta fish included in this article are some of the most beautiful examples, but there are many more types of betta fish that are just as stunning.

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