Overview of Virtual Reality Online Casinos

Already looking to the future and its possibilities, online casinos are no longer content with promotional offers or their catalog of games to attract more players. From a research and development point of view, they are looking in particular at the most advanced programming technologies to reflect on the ways of playing tomorrow.

For now, all this is only experimental. Regarding Virtual Reality Online Casinos, the question of equipment is central, just as much as we can wonder if users are ready to take the plunge. In the race for technology, the question of genuine interest or the real added value of an advance is always the one to be asked first.

VR Poker Experiences

Since the game became legal, online poker and sites have grown. Some publishers, including Poker VR, have created a virtual reality poker engine. You can construct your avatar with a virtual helmet ar and face other players’ avatars in 3D. The plan involves building ultra-realistic avatars that can track participants’ motions and imitate their body or lip movements.

It is difficult to predict the success of such an application, and it is, in any case, already available for download. We can assume that some online pro poker players may have ended up enjoying staying hidden in plain sight of their competitors to bluff undercover? In recent years, the publisher Microgaming has made a name for itself by presenting experimental projects in the field of Virtual Reality. We remember, in particular, a rather remarkable demonstration concerning a Virtual Reality roulette game on the occasion of the ICE Totally Gaming 2016 show. This video will be able to give you a good idea of the kind of research underway at this publisher.

The future of VR casinos?

Of course, the question of hardware is, again, at the center of this kind of innovation even if, with the lightning speed of evolution of technologies, it is difficult to predict the future of virtual casino games in thirty years?

As we said in the introduction, the other question that will inevitably arise is what will Virtual Reality bring to the experience? Between a well-made 3D roulette game, perhaps even with a real dealer, but without gloves, headphones, or complicated (or even expensive) equipment, and a roulette game in a traditional casino, will there be room for this type of interactive experience? Maybe but if so, it doesn’t seem to be for right away. So far, VR devices don’t seem to have caught on in the Gaming field. This is also the case with 3D screens, despite rather advanced technologies presented since the 2010s.

If video game players who spend hours there don’t invest so much in these specialized peripherals, it’s not clear how casino players would be interested in doing so. Maybe in the end and as a starting point, the track of rooms all equipped with equipment in traditional casinos could be a fun way to propose innovative ways of playing and also bring new customers who might be tempted to try them.

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