Pin up bet login and registration

At the moment, you can try your luck in the office only with the help of a regular account, a virtual or otherwise demo account is not available to players. Do not forget that only an adult player (18 years old) can gamble on the site.

In order to become a full-fledged registered user of the pin up bet login, you will need:

  • Go to the pin website
  • Then open a huge link – “Registration”, which stands out against the general background at the top of the site.
  • It is required to enter typical lines for registration. Carefully enter the e-mail and phone number details, as the latter will receive a message with a confirmation code.
  • Complete the procedure

However, in order to start playing it will not be enough. You will also need a positive game balance, which can be created only by passing identification. If you encounter a problem for which you cannot get a confirmation code, then try to check a couple of points:

  1. Make sure your blacklist is empty.
  2. Try to request the SIM card parameters and rearrange it.
  3. Clear the memory card.

If the identification has already been completed and the SMS does not come after that, then try to go to the Qiwi website, where you select the “profile” section, open the “security” in the settings, and then click on the extended version. Next, turn on the “Kiwi wallet applications” menu, after that the problem will most likely disappear. For passing all the bureaucracy for the sake of starting the game, users are promised a welcome bonus of up to 30 thousand. But that’s not all, the offer also includes:

  • Quiz on PIN UP.QUIZ;
  • Special offer for express rates;
  • The ability to guarantee a bet (CashOut);
  • Ability to change the coupon (check-edit);
  • Bonus program specifically for regular users.

Identification of the person

First of all, it is worth noting that Pin up is a legal office in the country, which means it must meet the requirements that apply to bookmakers in the territory of the state. Therefore, you will need to confirm your identity, as well as your own age of majority.

In total, you will need to pass two levels of confirmation:

  • Initial;
  • Basic.

The differences primarily relate to depositing and withdrawing money from it, as well as specific bonuses that a player can receive in the course of his activities.

Initial identification in Pin up

This procedure can be performed in several ways:

  • Using the passport in the profile settings;
  • Manually in the profile on the website;

After registering in PIN UP, you can click on the link “Confirm your identity to start betting”, or open your profile settings. If you want to identify yourself by passport, you will need to log in to your personal account, where you can then upload photos or scans of the passport spread, as well as a photo of yourself together with your face and document. There are only two requirements, everything must be visible, and the images must be sent in JPG, PNG format to choose from. You can confirm your data manually. There are special settings in the profile in which the user can change his personal data: passport series and number, expiration date, full name, date of birth.

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