Top 10 Items to Keep You Healthy While Traveling

Family vacations are the stuff that make lifelong memories, but if someone ends up getting sick, they may not be the ones you dreamed of. When you’re on vacation, the key is to balance fun and relaxation with extra measures to keep you healthy while away from home. 

Phone Disinfectant

Your phone is 10 times dirtier than the toilet seat because you use it everywhere for everything from watching YouTube videos to betting at a bookmaker Canada and even working. If you, like most people, are a little careless about keeping it clean, consider getting a UV disinfectant specifically designed for phones. Many gadget sanitizer pouches also charge your device while you clean it, so there’s no excuse not to use them every night while you’re on vacation.

Disinfectant Wipes

From the tray table in your chair to the TV remote in your hotel, almost every surface you come across while on vacation is sure to have germs on it. Especially if you’re traveling with young children who love to touch everything, you should wipe down all items within reach with disinfectant wipes. Remember that it can take several minutes to completely kill germs – check the instructions for your particular wipe option.

Disinfecting Wand With Ultraviolet Light

An alternative to wiping all surfaces with disinfecting wipes for travel can be to scan germs with an ultraviolet light disinfection wand, which kills over 99% of bacteria and viruses. They are especially handy for surfaces that are difficult to disinfect with a wipe, such as hotel beds or sofas.

Antibacterial Hand Cleaner

When soap and water aren’t available, such as during a long car trip or camping trip, a hand sanitizer will be the best way to protect your travel health. Apply a little hand sanitizer before you eat a snack or touch your face.

First Aid Kit

Bandages, antibiotic ointment, painkillers, and a thermometer are things to include in your family travel essentials list so you can handle minor illnesses and injuries without having to go to the doctor. While you can easily assemble a first aid kit yourself, there are plenty of travel-friendly deals on the market so you can buy everything you need with one click.

Insect Spray

Using insect repellent isn’t just about preventing annoying itchy insect bites. It’s more important to protect your family from diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes, such as Lyme disease, Zika virus and West Nile virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using insect repellents containing ingredients such as DEET and picaridin for maximum protection.


If you spend any time outdoors (even on cloudy days), sunscreen is a must to prevent sunburn. Apply it at least 15 minutes before going out and regularly throughout the day, especially after being in the water. If you’ll be swimming or snorkeling around coral reefs, use a reef-safe cream to avoid damaging this delicate ecosystem.

Healthy Snacks

You can consume so many unhealthy foods on the road that it makes everyone uncomfortable. Take a few healthier snacks like fruit, nuts, and snack mix with you so you don’t have to go to McDonald’s or stores when you feel like snacking. For road trips, a travel cooler will come in handy for storing perishable foods like yogurt or carrot sticks.

Water Purifier

If your family vacation includes hiking or traveling to developing countries, you’ll need a plan for safe drinking water. Instead of relying on bottled water, consider a more eco-friendly alternative, such as LifeStraw Go, a reusable water bottle that filters out bacteria, protozoa and microplastics. Another alternative is the SteriPen, which uses ultraviolet light to purify water from bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Water Bottle

The magic is in taking this item, but it helps you establish a hydration schedule, which is vital to staying healthy on vacation. Since water is a key component of a healthy immune system, making sure you get plenty of fluids is a simple and effective healthy habit.

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