Topic 3 What is Cac? Unbeatable Tips From Experts

What is topic 3? appears a lot on online lottery forums as this form of betting becomes more and more popular. If you understand how to play this game, you will have a chance to bring in very high profits. Therefore, the content below is from New88 will update information to help you better understand how to play this lottery.

What is topic 3?

Topic 3 is inherently very familiar to players New88 lottery Perennial. However, those who are new to betting will have difficulty even understanding how to play this form of betting. However, don’t worry too much because this way of betting is very simple.

In essence, the 3-digit bet means the bettor will predict the first or last 3 numbers of the special prizes of the 3 regions: North, Central, and South. At the end of the day, the system will announce the final results and bettors will rely on these results to determine the winner or loser.

Playing 3-card lottery at New88 bet, players can apply prediction tricks and raise the lottery according to the frame (3 days, 5 days, 7 days) to increase the winning rate. This is considered an attractive form of online lottery play and attracts many members to participate.

What is the way to calculate the 3-digit premise?

Currently, the 3-card lottery at New88 betting site is considered to have the second highest payout rate at the present time. The payout level is high so you only need to spend a small amount of money to still get extremely attractive profits. The payout ratio when players play 3-card lottery at New88 is 1:980.

This rate is calculated for 3 regions: North, Central, and South, so even if you play 3 cards at any station, you will receive the same reward. With this ratio, the main way to convert is 1 winning point, you will win 980k, which means if you win 10 points, the amount received will be 9 million.

For example: You participate in writing a 3-digit lottery for the regional lottery result with the corresponding number being 123 with an amount of 10,000 VND. After the system announces the results and you win, you will receive the corresponding amount = 10,000 x 980 = 9,800,000 VND, a huge prize.

The secret to catching 3-digit numbers always wins big

With such great attraction, the number of bettors participating in 3-way betting is increasing day by day. Some newbies who have just joined have also learned the secret to playing the lottery What is 3 more?? Understanding that, below will be a summary of extremely accurate 3-digit prediction support methods that you should know:

Based on odd and even days, what is the 3-card theme?

With this prediction trick, you only need to care about whether the previous day’s lottery was even or odd. Then you will start to calculate the number for the next day by calculating the total to choose the corresponding 3-digit number.

For example, the lottery results of October 18, 2023 have the last 3 numbers of the special prize being 678, an even number and a total of 21. Furthermore, the 18th is an even day, so bet on combining numbers 18 and 21. to choose the 3-digit number, corresponding to 182, to play for the next day.

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What is the 3-card prediction based on the total number of lottery numbers?

Examining number 3 based on the total has become a familiar method and has received high praise from members. Players just need to calculate the total results of the special prize and then rely on their balls to calculate what the 3-digit number is. With this form of total calculation, you can apply many lottery results, it is not necessary to only use the previous day.

For example, the total number of the previous day is 02, in which the balls of 2 are 7 and 9, the balls of 0 are 5 and 7. Now the 3-card number to play the next day will be 027 and you can use This number can be played for the next several days if it hasn’t come out yet.

Predict the 3-digit lottery through special prizes

Those of you who often wonder what topic 3 is when you choose to look through the special prize, now you have the answer. With this method, you only need to summarize the lottery results of the previous days to calculate the frequency of repetition of the numbers. Through this, you will calculate which numbers have a high chance of winning and play them the next day.

What is the dream of choosing the 3-digit topic? Is it right?

This is also a common question that people often ask because up until now the dream lottery has only had 2 numbers. However, new players should not forget that the dream lottery gives many different numbers. At this time, you should combine the numbers you have seen from the dream to get a more accurate number 3.


What is topic 3? is no longer unfamiliar to new members and you can play the lottery and choose numbers successfully. Hopefully this article will help bettors in the process of playing number 3, thereby increasing the odds of winning extremely large prizes.

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