What is a Handicap of 1 Goal in Soccer Betting? How to Play 1 Handicap Handicap Effectively

At online soccer bookmakers, 1-foot handicap bets often appear on the handicap table. When encountering this type of bet, players need to understand that the upper team will accept the lower team at a rate of 1 goal. To have a clearer view of the meaning of handicap, please read the article below, in which experts New88 Explain in detail about this type of bet.
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What does 1 goal handicap mean?

The term “Handicap 1 goal” is often widely used in the Asian handicap or Handicap genre, especially in the field of sports betting, especially football.

With this bet, the house will analyze the upcoming match and evaluate the strength of each team through in-depth methods. The highly rated and strong team will handicap the opposing team with a score of 1.

Therefore, for the favorite team to win the final, they need to create a goal difference with a value greater than or equal to 2. This is considered the minimum condition for the favorite team to be considered the winner.

Currently, the 1-goal handicap often appears on the house odds board and is favored by many players due to its high ability to bring victory, with winning statistics up to more than 70%.

When does a handicap appear?

Often appears in matches with a large difference in strength between the two teams. This type of bet is often applied in the following situations:

  • In qualifying matches of major tournaments such as Euro and World Cup, where strong and weak teams can be randomly paired. A typical example is the match between Brazil and South Korea at the recent 2022 World Cup.
  • In a match between a high-ranked team and a low-ranked team in the rankings, especially when the weak team plays at home, the handicap coefficient is usually only 1. In case the match takes place between 2 teams on a neutral field or on a neutral field. For guests, the handicap can be 2.
  • In the matches that decide rankings and compete for tickets to important qualifying rounds. Strong and weak teams often have to face off, so using a 1-goal handicap is reasonable and feasible in the context of fierce competition.

How is a 1-goal handicap calculated?

  • When the match ends in a draw or the handicapped team wins, the person who bet on the upper bet will lose, and the person who bet on the lower bet will win.
  • If the final score of the match is a victory with a difference of 1 goal for the handicapped team, the over or under bet will be refunded.
  • If the final score is a victory with a difference of 2 goals for the handicapped team, the person who bet on the upper bet will win completely, and the person who bet on the lower bet will lose.
  • How should I choose the 1-goal handicap bet?

Experience in choosing a 1-goal handicap bet includes basic steps such as understanding match information, confrontation, starting lineup, position on the rankings and match nature. If you feel the handicap is too light or heavy, there may be other side information from the house.
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When considering a 1-goal handicap, carefully observe the odds and bet to avoid falling into the house’s odds trap. For matches with over handicap 1 goal and over/under 2.25, players can choose under or under. With over/under 2.5 and selected odds (over 0.90), you can choose the handicapped team. Similarly, with over/under 2.75, the possibility of winning is high.

If the match has 3 over or under, you can choose the under bet and play shake. If the score is 2-1 or 1-2 before the 60th minute, you can continue to bet on this bet.


This article provides knowledge about 1-goal handicap to support bettors. Hopefully after reading, players will have sufficient knowledge to place this bet effectively at the bookmaker. New88.

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