How to stop the laptop from overheating?

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A Laptop is an integral part of almost everyone’s life. Whether you study or work, your laptop gets you through your assignments, presentations, and whatnot. In fact, for some working people, the laptop is the only piece of equipment needed to get their work done.

Being this easy to carry and thoroughly beneficial, laptops are used a lot. On average, office worker spends more than 6 hours a day working on their laptops—people who use their laptops for this long face overheating issues a lot. Overheating further leads to problems like screen damage etc. 

In this article, we’ll explain why your laptop does this and how to stop laptop from overheating


Over the years, laptop companies have made compact and slim laptops. Laptops are much smaller and sleeker than desktop computers, yet they perform the same function. Unfortunately, this ‘compactness’ of the laptop decreases the space for the airflow leading to a commonly faced issue, ‘Overheating’ of the laptops.

 Another reason could be the prolonged use of the laptop without giving it a break. This constant use causes overheating your overheated laptop may shut down to prevent any further damage.

Following are some of the measures you should take to stop the laptop from overheating: 

  • Cleaning the Vents: 

The vents in your laptop are responsible for managing the heat inside your laptop. There can be more dust/hair stuck around these areas. They should be cleaned often to avoid blockage. Many people don’t realize the dust accumulating around the vents or coolers. The cleaning can be done with soft brushes, clothes, or air compressors. 

  • Using Flat surfaces: 

Laptops should always be placed on flat surfaces like tables, laptop stands, etc. Likewise, you should avoid placing your laptop on soft spaces like a pillow, bed, or lap. 

  • Buying a cooling pad: 

If your laptop overheats a lot and these measures don’t seem to be working, you should buy a cooling pad. This investment can save your laptop from getting destroyed. 

  • Checking the settings

Your laptop provides you with customizable settings which can be set in a way where it avoids overheating. It also allows you to monitor the temperature of your laptop. Keep updating the settings and keep a check on your laptop’s condition. 

  • The Thermal Paste: 

A thermal paste is there on your laptop to ensure heat’s efficient transfer and dissipation. If you see a massive rise in your laptop’s temperature, you might need to replace or re-apply the thermal paste. You should get it done by a professional, as doing it yourself may not be safe for your laptop. A professional will also tell you if the previous thermal paste is decaying or if you need to get it changed in the first place or not. 

Final Tip: 

If your laptop is still overheating even after taking all these measures, you may need a new one. We recommend you buy one from HONOR. It has launched its MagicBook series, specially designed to create better airflow and perform better. 

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