Types of forex strategies

Are you a beginner and want some strategies you can apply in Forex trading? In this article, you will get the effective types of Forex strategies to start your career in trading.

These types are easy to understand and effective for the beginner level. After understanding these types, you can have small trades at the start of your trading. So keep reading to know the best Strategies for you.

Price Action Trading

Price action trading is a technical strategy in which a person studies the historical prices to get profit as a beginner in trading. Some factors that affect this strategy include the time of the trade, frequency of the trade, and distance to the trade. Any economic event is not included in these factors.

You can use it a variety of times during trading. Whether you use it short-term or long-term, it will work for you. Because of this feature, many traders prioritize it in trading strategies.

Breakout Trading

Breakout trading is the most straightforward and most important strategy in forex trading. Because of its simplicity, it is the best choice for beginners in forex trading. Before considering how it works, let us define this strategy.

In this strategy, the word breakout means the price movement decided outside the support and resistance. Moreover, when the price increases to the resistance area, it is called a bullish breakout strategy. However, when the price decreases to the spot area, it is called a bearish breakout here for more About instagram

Beginners widely use this strategy because it shows the spot of enhanced market volatility. You can use this strategy when the price movement crosses the support or resistance area.

Hedging Forex Strategy

With the help of a hedging forex strategy, you can prevent yourself from having an unprofitable move. In this strategy, you can hold long and short positions simultaneously. In this way, you can know which direction the trend will move. Thus, you can manage the direction of the movement towards profit.

By getting an idea about the direction of the trend, you can close this position and re-enter a profitable position. Consequently, you can have a moment where you can decide the market trend and improve your profit. Thus, it is part of a forex trading strategy that helps you prevent short-term losses.

Position Trading

Position trading is a strategy you can use on a long-term basis for your long-term trading. This trading strategy allows you to hold your trade from weeks to months. This strategy will use fundamental and technical analysis to analyze your trade.

The best thing is that you don’t need to analyze your trade spending much time as it is long-term trading. It will also enable you to have less stress while concerning your trade. Usually, short-term trades stress you, but a long-term strategy will assist you a lot.

Trend Trading Strategy

Trend trading strategy is a simple Forex trading strategy used by experienced traders. It is used for medium to long-term trades and can help a lot if the person or trader uses it appropriately. Moreover, you can use this strategy for a variety of timeframes.

Always use this strategy when you see a strong trend, as it can help you make much more profit in your trade. It is the best strategy for you as a beginner, and you can have a fruitful trade if you use it wisely.

Day Trading Strategy

Day trading is a short-term forex trading strategy in which you can hold your prayers from minutes to hours. As a beginner, if you start your trade for a short time frame, you can utilize this strategy to have a fruitful result. 

With this strategy, you can prevent yourself from the late-night risks. You can also utilize various short-term profits throughout the day. Thus, apply this strategy if you are really into short-term trades like minutes to hours.


This article provides the six types of forex strategies that you must know as a beginner forex trader. You can connect with South African Brokers for your help. We hope you have gotten all the valuable information you were looking for. We have described each strategy for your help in your initial trades.

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