What is the final goal bet? How to play bets for money easily

The final goal bet is a popular type of bet because it is easy to play and easy to win money from the house. More specifically, this type of bet has quite high odds, so it attracts more players who like to make money. So how to play the final goal bet? Together New88 Find out now in the following article.
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Final goal bet?

First & Last Goalscorer is a type of betting in soccer where players bet on the player who will score the first goal and the player who will score the last goal of the match.

  1. BTĐC Odds (Full match)
  • Bet on the team to score first and the team to score last:
    • If both teams score, the player wins the bet if the selected team scores first and scores last.
    • If only one team scores, the player wins the bet if the selected team scores that goal.
    • If no goals are scored, the player loses the bet.
  • For example:
    • Match: Manchester United vs Liverpool
    • Bet: Manchester United scored first and Liverpool scored last
    • Result: Manchester United won 2-1
    • Winning bet: The player wins the bet because Manchester United scores first and Liverpool scores last.
  1. BTĐC Odds (1st Half)
  • Similar to BTĐC (Full match) bet but only applies to the first half of the match.
  • For example:
    • Match: Chelsea vs Arsenal
    • Bet: Chelsea scored first and Arsenal scored last in the first half
    • Result: Chelsea drew 1-1 with Arsenal in the first half, Chelsea scored first, Arsenal scored the equalizer
    • Winning bet: The player wins the bet because Chelsea scores first and Arsenal scores last in the first half.

Some common symbols of different types of goal bets

The following are the basic symbols you will encounter when playing the final goal bet.

Over/Under goals:

  • O/O: General symbols for Over and Under bets.
  • O2.5: Over handicap 2.5 goals (Full match).
  • U2.5: Under handicap 2.5 goals (Full match).
  • 1H O1.5: Over handicap 1.5 goals in the first half.
  • 2H U2: Under handicap 2 goals in the 2nd half.

Odd Even Goal Odds:

  • AND THE: Common symbols for Even and Odd bets.
  • HERE: Odds Even.
  • ARE YOU: Odd Odds.

Handicap goal odds:

  • 1H -1.5: Situation when the upper team handicaps the lower team by 1.5 goals in the first half.
  • 2H+1: The situation is the opposite when the underdog team handicaps the top team by 1 goal in the second half.

BTDC odds:

  • BTĐC: General symbol for BTĐC bet (Full match).
  • 1H BTĐC: BTĐC odds in the first half.
  • Team A – Team B: Symbol for team A to score first and team B to score last.

Experience playing bets on the last goal is the easiest to win

When playing the final goal bet, players should play from the beginning of the match to help players understand the match more easily. Here are some of the easiest end-to-end betting experiences for your reference:

Find out information about the match before participating

This is a condition that helps you win the final goal bet. It is extremely important, because you cannot guess the results but must study them carefully. The information you need to study includes:
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  • Health situation of players of both teams
  • Striker of both teams
  • The chemistry between the players.
  • The goalkeeper’s ability to catch the ball.
  • Compare the most recent head-to-head matches of both teams.
  • The weather at the stadium will hinder which team.

Kicking strategy and first scoring goal in the match

You should prioritize the team with an attacking strategy to win, because that team will often be the team leading the score in the first moments of the match. They will often be aggressive players, always pressing their opponents in the right way. This team will most likely win the final goal bet.

You should put your trust in the superior team

Many players often advise that they should put their trust in the underdog team when betting on the final goal because they always think that the house will change the bet, but the house also anticipates these thoughts so it may do the opposite. At that time, if more players choose to bet on the underdog, the house will win big.

You should believe in your ability to predict

Many players place bets based on inertia, or place bets based on online predictions, but do not know that those predictions are created by the bookmaker. If they are unlucky enough to read the predictions of unknown bookmakers. reputation, it is easy to be lured into their trap. Besides, if there is too much information, you will not know what is right and what is wrong, and you will easily get confused and not be able to make the right choice. What you need to do is believe in yourself, believe in your ability to research information to make the best choice for the final goal bet.

Continuously monitor the match closely

There are quite a few bookmakers who often offer shaking bets in the final moments of the match, so what you need to do now is to closely monitor the ongoing match to help you not be distracted and easily win. If you win more, there will be situations that affect the final result and the final goal bet results such as:

  • The team suddenly has an injured player, even worse if that player is a good player.
  • There are substitutions of players, more important if they are strikers and goalkeepers.
  • The coach suddenly changed his kicking strategy.
  • Some players were fouled and received yellow and red cards.

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