What is Chicken Spur? Top Chicken Gods Who Own Unique Spurs

New88 with the extremely popular cockfighting segment. Heel known as a part located at the back of the chicken’s leg. This is what helps cocks prevail in matches. It determines whether the fighting force of that cock is strong or not. Let’s learn about this part through the article shared below.
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What is chicken spurs?

As explained above, heel is a part of the chicken’s body. It is located behind the chicken’s leg, close to the heel. The spurs are grown from the horns of fighting cocks, so they are extremely hard and strong. You can simply imagine it is similar to human toenails.

Each breed of chicken will have a different type of spur. Normally a chicken will have one spur/leg. But there will be a few special fighting cocks that possess 6 spurs, called six-spur chickens or 9-spur chickens… Many newly bred chicken breeds today have special spurs.

What are chicken spurs used for?

For normal fighting cocks, spurs do not seem to have any special effect. But with fighting cocks, it is different, it is considered a powerful weapon, helping the fighting cocks win. Because the spurs help the cock increase its damage and kicking power, helping to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible.

In addition, the owner of the cock can increase the strength of the spurs by adding sharpness and knives. This is also the reason why iron spur cockfighting and knife spur cockfighting are becoming more and more popular. With cocks equipped with additional spurs, if not careful, they can kill their opponents in a single match.

Popular types of spurs

To increase the appeal of the match, heel will be equipped with some additional weapons. These weapons must be carefully selected to both be effective in kicks and not affect the fighting cocks. The following is information about the types of spurs commonly used today.

Needle spur

Needle spurs are spurs designed in a small shape, the material used is sharp stainless steel. It will damage the opponent with a single point at the tip of the spur. The needle spur is often sharpened to make it easier to penetrate the skin or skeletal muscle of the fighting cock.

Matches where needle spurs are used usually do not see much bleeding. However, the wound left on the cock’s body is a major injury. It takes a long time to recover and must have a suitable diet and rest if you want to return to the arena in the shortest possible time.

Knife spurs

Knife spurs are one of the most commonly installed spurs heel. Sharp knives can kill you in one fell swoop. Because it creates horizontal knife strikes that cause many and serious injuries to the chickens. If the fighting cockfight goes on for too long, the fighting cock may die from loss of blood.

2 types of peak spurs today

In the process of choosing fighting cocks, players often observe many factors. The most important factor that cannot be ignored is the spur, a part of the chicken’s body. If you have eyes to see just through it, the player will choose the right cock.

Six communal house spurs

The characteristic of the spurs is that there are six spurs on the legs. The more spurs you own, the more powerful your kicks will be. However, this breed does not appear much, and chickens are very rare. It is commonly seen in Binh Dinh fighting chickens mainly. If in a fight you come across this breed, bet on that cock immediately.

Sun and moon spur

Heel Sun and moon have two colors to identify: White and black. Only when the spur appears in these two colors is it considered a sun and moon, other colors are not counted. Chickens that possess sun and moon spurs often have good fighting styles, unleash poisonous blows, and defeat opponents in one fell swoop.

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Instructions on how to properly care for chicken spurs

To get the most beautiful kicks, you need to know how to take care of your cock’s spurs. Players can refer to a few ways to best care for their spurs:

  • Grinding: To sharpen spurs, you should use files or sandpaper. It is usually recommended to sharpen the spur when the spur first appears or you want to make it flat. The advantage of this method is that it does not harm the chicken. At the same time, you can also easily manipulate it because it is not difficult to do.
  • Removing spurs: This method is very painful but will help you completely remove the spurs on the chicken’s body. You need to take a hot potato and insert the spur into this potato. After a while, you pull it out forcefully. Next, clean the wound to avoid infection for the cock.

Above are detailed information about heel. Hopefully this article has helped you know clearly about the types of spurs as well as how to play hard and choose fighting cocks through parts New88 This is safe and quality.

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