Popular Colors of Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for trending colours to wear to pre-wedding and wedding events? We can assist you in selecting the ideal hue. We can help you choose the appropriate colour, whether you are the bride, a close family, or simply want to slay the forthcoming wedding celebration!

Most people base their colour selection on the current trend, the colour’s cultural meaning, and their personal choice. In traditional Pakistani marriages, different colours have significant cultural importance. Some individuals follow them because they are associated with their ancestors and ancestry. Some prefer to keep up with new trends set by powerful persons such as celebrities.

So, to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the traditions and current trends, we will explore various colours, what they represent, and which wedding functions they are often worn at.


Here is a hand-picked selection of the colours that brides commonly wear to wedding functions. You may easily select the hue that best suits your style and wedding look.

  1. White

It is a timeless colour that is both elegant and timeless. Brides traditionally wear white on their nikkah days. It is frequently combined with gold to produce a luxurious and attractive look.

  1. Yellow

It is a lively and bright hue that exudes joy. Yellow wedding dresses are commonly worn at Mayon and Mehndi celebrations. It is frequently combined with green and orange to create a vivid bridal design.

  1. Green

This vibrant colour represents life, harmony, and pleasant attributes. The most common green shades are light, lively, and emerald green. It is a calming hue that brides frequently wear for Dholak or Mehndi ceremonies. Green is commonly used with gold or yellow to make a stunning bridal gown. Brides also wear lighter tones of green and pistachio to their Valima reception.

  1. Red

Pakistani brides commonly wear red because it represents a new beginning and feminine strength in Pakistani culture. It creates a striking and appealing appearance, so this hue is frequently employed for major wedding events. Various tones of red and maroon are combined with gold, beige, peach, pink, or any other colour to make a gorgeous bridal gown for your big day. 

  1. Blue

Another classic colour that is commonly utilized on wedding days is blue. It goes well with silver, whether a darker or lighter tint of blue. This combination is a Valima bridal aesthetic that will always stay in style.

  1. Pastel Colors

Pastel colours like powder blue and blush pink are ideal for outdoor weddings. These pastel colours are growing more popular as they convey elegance, grace, and beauty. 

  1. Pink

Pink represents femininity, and its wide spectrum of light and dark colours makes it popular. Pink is a flexible colour that can be used for pre-wedding and wedding functions to produce extremely stunning outfits.

  1. Gold

This colour is associated with wealth, luxury, and extravagance. You will shine and sparkle in the crowd whether you wear a light or heavy hue of gold. Many celebrities have chosen gold as their major wedding colour. As a result, this enticing colour has become a modern trend for mainstays.

White, yellow, green, red, blue, pink, gold, and pastel colours are often used in Pakistani weddings. Zahra Ahmad has the best patterns and styles of wedding gowns in these and other colours. Our online store features signature bridal and exclusive formal dresses that you may browse to discover the perfect dress for you. Visit our online store right now to get your hands on our newest selection.

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